PhyloBot is for protein chemists and biologists.

PhyloBot automates ancestral sequence reconstruction (see ASR). PhyloBot also provides interactive web tools to explore the evolutionary trajectories of amino acid substitutions between ancestors.

See our peer-reviewed publication: Hanson-Smith and Johnson, PLoS Comp. Bio., 2016

PhyloBot begins with a collection of orthologous protein sequences that you've already curated. PhyloBot then aligns the sequences, find the best-fitting phylogenetic model, infers the best tree, performs statistical tests of phylogenetic branch support, and finally reconstructs ancestors at all internal nodes on the ML tree.


PhyloBot is engineered using the Django web framework and runs on supercomputing resources in the Amazon cloud. After you compose and launch your analysis, PhyloBot creates a temporary replica node (i.e., an Amazon EC2 instance) to compute the ancestral library for your family of orthologs. Upon completion, ancestral libraries are archived in a longterm database.