Follow the links below to view finished examples from PhyloBot analyses.

➜ Vacuolar-type H+-ATPase V0 Hexameric Ring Family

The vacuolar H1-ATPase (V-ATPase) is a multisubunit protein complex that pumps hydrogen ions across membranes to acidify subcellular compartments. This library reconstructs the shared ancestors of subunits 3, 11, and 16 in the hexameric ring found in the V0 domain of the complex. This library was used in the publication Finnigan and Hanson-Smith (Nature 2012).

➜ Mcm1 MADS-box Transcriptional Regulator Family

Mcm1 and its paralog Arg80 are DNA-binding proteins that regulate the transcription of yeast genes involved in diverse functions, including mating and arginine biosynthesis. This library was used in the publication Baker, Hanson-Smith, and Johnson (Science 2013).

➜ CMGC Family of Protein Kinases

The CMGC family of serine/threonine kinases phosphoregulates the activity of many important cellular functions in Eukaryote species. This ancestral library was used in the publication Howard and Hanson-Smith (eLife 2014), although the current version of the library now includes expanded sampling of the CDK family.

➜ Alkaline Phosphatase (AP) and AP-Like Proteins

AP is an enzyme that removes phosphate groups from many types of molecules. This library was built in collaboration with the Fordyce Lab and the Herschlag Lab at Stanford.

➜ Mating-Type Alpha 1 Transcriptional Regulators

MATalpha1 is a DNA-binding protein that regulates the transcription of mating genes in yeast. This library was built in collaboration with the Johnson Lab at UCSF.